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Traditional party

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Linda and Octavian Wedding Album

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Some pictures from other traditional parties which we've done and made us so tired

Batak traditional party was held in Siantar (July 26, 1999), since my dad originally comes from that region, so he wanted to make special party with his traditional way and also families from my dad side

Batak simalungun wed.-dress

Melayu wedding party, which was held in Brayan, Medan on July 29 1999. This is becoz my mom has Melayu roots in her family.

Melayu wedding dress


My whole family, Left-Right: Alin (bro), M'Niken (sis in law), Mom, Octav, Me, Dad, Tito (sis), B'ucok (bro)


We were a bit relax here , this was dinner after Melayu party .. felt so relief